Mountaineering in Pakistan

Mountaineering in Pakistan is dream of all mountain lovers across the globe. Pakistan is blessed with the world’s greatest mountain chains-the Karakoram, the Himalaya, Hindukush and the Pamir are situated in the northern Pakistan like spokes on a wheel. The combination of hospitable people, isolation and wonderful mountain scenery makes this a perfect place for mountaineering, provided that you are adventure enthusiast, nature lover and strength to enjoy challenging sport in these great mountains. Here the present is so simple, satisfying and so full of peace and beauty that one is more than willing to pretend nothing else ever existed or ever can exist.

Mountaineering in Pakistan is now one of the most popular sports in the world. Of the four mountain ranges, the Karakoram is the most remote and wild. The region is a mountain desert whose few inhabitants live by irrigating small oases of terraced land along the rivers – small green patchworks of fields sewn onto the grey valley walls. Were it not for the glacial melt waters, the whole region would be barren. Even today, these mountains are less well explored and mapped than any other developed mountain regions of the world, and many peaks over 6000 meters are still remain unnamed and unclimbed.

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