With an international Tour Operator

Pakistan is one of the major adventure destinations in the world and this is why there are several international adventure companies that arrange trekking in northern Pakistan. They provide the whole package in one price like air ticket, hotel booking, guides, porters, food and most of the equipment you need. This is comparatively expensive way of doing trek, but for those who can afford and have little time, going with an international adventure company can remove all the worries and you can spend the maximum time on the trails instead of spending more time in hotels. One of the top advantages of going through international company is that you travel with the companions who speak your language during the tour.

It is advisable to make first trip with an international company and in second group you may choose the local agent whom you know very well. There are many good names in adventure tourism in Pakistan whom you can rely even as first time traveller to Pakistan – depends on how strong and big organization you have selected for your trip to Pakistan.


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