Trekking in Hunza

The most beautiful and peaceful valley of Hunza is full of panoramic views and is one the best place for a nature and adventure lovers. It has got lot of variety of treks, from strenuous to easy ones, so one can really enjoy the trekking tour in this valley.

Hunza valley is one of the best known of Pakistan’s northern areas tourist resort.Karimabad is the capital town of Hunza Valley. This is the so-called Shangrila which means imaginary paradise, the mythical Hunza where every other man is said to be above 100. Karimabad offers an awe-inspiring view of Rakaposhi (7788m). The snows of Rakaposhi glitter in the moonlight, producing an atmosphere at once ethereal and sublime. You obtain a magnificent view of the whole valley laid out below you and of the peaks behind. The fairy-tale like castle of Baltit is a Hunza’s landmark built about 700 years ago. Baltit (the old capital of Hunza) was built by the Baltit artisans who came to Hunza with a Balti princess married to a Hunza Mir in ancient times.

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