Trekking Season

There is only one trekking season in northern Pakistan. The weather is hospitable between mid-march and October, but the peak season is between the month of July and September, especially for the treks go over 4000m. The month that you choose to trek is dictated by how high you plan to go. Walks in the main valleys during spring and autumn are very pleasant.

From the beginning of April the apricot, apple, cherry and other fruit trees are in full blossom and the valleys of Hunza, Nagar, skardu, Gilgit and Chitral are carpeted in pink and white colors and the same trees change color and paint the valleys in myrid reds, oranges and browns with the background of mountains carpeted with ice. However, the mountain pastures are under snow until the beginning of July, as are some of the higher passes until beginning or mid-August (the permanent snow-line is at 5500m). By the end of September the weather start becoming cold and the first snowfall at 3000m sometimes comes at the start of October or sometimes at the end of October.


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