Pakistan Trekking Guide

This website describes all the valleys of the mountain regions of Pakistan and invites you to discover the little visited remoter parts of this rugged and wonderful part of the world. These mountains have been explored comparatively recently, that is why detailed maps of the mountains are still unavailable to the general tourists. The world’s greatest mountain chains the Karakoram, the Himalaya, the Hindukush and the Pamir radiate out from northern Pakistan like spokes on a wheel. I may claim that in no other part of the world is there such a large number of high peaks in such a confined space - five peaks over 8000m and more than 100 higher than 7000m. And nowhere else outside the polar regions of the world has longer or more spectacular glaciers - seven over 40km long. Hidden amid this network of lofty snow-capped peaks, splendid glaciers,andnarrow mountain valleys which were cut off that, until recently and they each formed a separate little kingdom which were ruled by Rajas or Mirs, each speaking its own native language. Soon after independence, these kingdoms have been absorbed into Pakistan, and jeep tracks are creeping up the remote mountain valleys. The opening of the Karakoram Highway in 1978 gave northern areas of Pakistan access to the rest of the world.

Pakistan Trekking Guide section of this website is an endeavor to pass on optimum information to the visitors to Pakistan, but nevertheless you may require some additional information which is not mentioned in this guide, please do not hesitate to write us so that we can send you the specific information to suit your adventure needs.

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