Food on the Trek

There is variety of dried and tin food including vegetables, fish and meat available in Islamabad markets, especially in Jinnah Super Market. Most of the dried and tin food is imported from Britain but if you like to have something to be cooked from your home country and your luggage allows then it is not bad idea to bring some food with.

Home Food:
If you plan to take some dehydrated food from your home, you may do so but make sure that your Pakistani cook will not easily understand to prepare such food in your way but it could be even tastier than your one. It is advisable to buy food as per the wish of local cook who will buy according to his fixed menu on daily basis.

Packet Soups:
It is better to bring packet soups with you as you know the brand at your home and secondly they are not very heavy to carry. There is also some variety of imported packet soups available in Pakistan and most of the trekkers buy from the local markets of Islamabad. 

Dehydrated Meals:
There is variety of dehydrated food available in Pakistan but nevertheless if you think that you have a better brand at home and also space available then it is not a bad idea to do so but be certain that you have to help your local cook to prepare in your way otherwise it will be a Pakistani dish at the end. The favorite brands in dehydrated meals are Bean feast dehydrated packets, Mexican style, mild curry and Bolognese style. Burger mix and veg burger are also good.

Instant Mashed Potato Mix:
It is lighter in weight to carry and easier to cook than Pakistani rice. The favorite brands for high altitude cooking are Knorr and Yeomen but again prefer the one you know better at home.

Instant Noodles:
Instant noodles are also very practical for high altitude cooking and are easier and quicker to cook.

Dried Vegetables:
Dried vegetables are easily available in Pakistan, especially in all major cities. The favorite brands in Pakistan are Irish Erin and British whose peas, beans, carrots cook in five to seven minutes.

Cornflakes and Porridges:
There is a huge variety of imported (international standard) cornflakes and porridges available in Pakistan, even mixed with fruits and nuts.

Food Available in Pakistan:

These days there is lot of growing trend to buy international food brands, especially in Islamabad one will find huge variety of food available for the purpose of trekking or other expeditions in the mountains of Pakistan – even there are some shops selling camping food in Skardu and Gilgit but it is advisable not to take risk if they don’t have it for any reason.

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