Daintar Pass Trek



Maximum Height





4600 m


8 Days

Hidden in the mountains a dramatic, barren gorge 19 km long is surprisingly green and lush valley of Naltar. Some climatic quirk gives Naltar about 410mm of rainfall per year, more than three times that of Gilgit and the valley is heavily wooded with pine, spruce, birch, rowan and juniper.

Naltar village at 2800m has an army ski-training resort and is a good place to chill out and take a short easy trek around the valley. It is also starting point for two longer treks, one across the Naltar Pass 4600m to Ishkoman and the other across the Daintar Pass 4636m to Chalt.

8 Days Itinerary:

Day 01: Gilgit
We may reach Gilgit either by road or by air. On arrival transfer to hotel and check in, overnight stay in hotel at Gilgit.

Day 02: Gilgit - Naltar
This is jeep drive to Naltar, on arrival transfer to hotel and check in, overnight stay in hotel at Naltar.

Day 03: Naltar - Naltar Lake
After breakfast we will start our trek to Naltar Lake.
Trek: 4-5 hours, climb 400m (Tent)

Day 04: Naltar Lake – Lower Shani
Today we will walk through the valley surrounded by pine trees and will camp at lower Shani 3700m.
Trek: 4-5 hours, climb 500m (Tent)

Day 05: Lower Shani - Daintar Base Camp
We will trek within the grazing yaks and horses to Naltar Base Camp.
Trek: 1-2 hours, climb 300m (Tent)

Day 06: Daintar Base Camp - Tolibari
Today we will cross Daintar Pass, where we will also enjoy the spectacular view of Dobani Peak.
Trek: 6-8 hours, climb 600m, descend 1200m (Tent)

Day 07: Tolibari - Torbuto Das
We will trek down to Torbuto Das, the kingdom of Nagar.
Trek: 5-6 hours (Tent)

Day 08: Torbuto Das - Chalt - Gilgit
We will embark on jeeps for Gilgit (3 hours). Overnight stay in hotel at Gilgit.
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