Clothing Check List

Trekking Shoes:
Good shoes are very essential, as uncomfortable feet are a real misery. The shoes must have plenty of ankle support and sole strong enough to take the sharp edges of rocks with ease. It is advisable use enough the new shoes before going in remote areas for trekking where it would be difficult to replace them. In case of high altitude climbing, one needs to buy specialized shoes to fit for crampon use.

Camp Shoes:
A light weigh joggers or tennis shoes are more practical wearing during relaxed time in camp and also can be used for light trekking trails without snow and streams.

Hiking Socks:
Sports socks which are mostly cotton liners are recommended for trekking purpose whereas woolen socks are not good for moisture.

Specialized trekking trousers are made of tough breathable fabric that does not snag on thorns and is comfortable and cool to wear. Army style trousers having more pockets are also good but are too heavy and hot. Local trousers (Shalwar) worn by men and women are comfortable and light – can be even practical if made on order with more pockets. Use of shorts for men at high pastures is not anything serious but for women it is advisable to wear shorts.

Sweaters or pullovers should be warm but not bulky. A large, thin, woolen polo-neck is best.

Warm Leggings:
Pure woolen made leggings or long thermal underwear is essential not only because nights can be very cold at high altitudes but and also because if you get caught in a storm like situation.

Keeping two jackets are always practical, one light weight water and wind proof outer shell, other one should be warm either polar fleece or a synthetic ski jacket that is comfortable but not bulky.

Warm Vest:

A fine quality of warm vest is the best thing to avoid cold wave during trekking in the mountains.

Rain Cape:
Though, there is little rain in Pakistan but it rains heavy while in monsoon time, keeping a plastic poncho takes up little space and can also cover your back pack.

Waterproof Over-Trousers:
Waterproof over-trousers are useful in the cold and wind, as well as in rain and are easy to put on without taking your shoes off.

Cotton gloves are recommended for light kind of trekking in mountains whereas waterproof ski gloves are necessary if you want to spend considerable time in the snow. Gortex over-mits are a good idea at high altitude in the snow.

Sun Hat:
A broad-brimmed sun hat that covers the face and back of the neck is essential, especially when blisters become infected. The hat should have an elastic strap or string to keep it on, as the winds can get very strong in the mountains.

Glacier Glasses:
Glacier glasses with side flaps to keep out the glare on snow. Snow-blindness is not only painful but can be permanent. Take extra pairs for porters as well if not highly expensive.

Lavatory Paper:
Lavatory paper, towels, washing soap, shampoo is available in Pakistan with huge variety. We recommend doing without lavatory paper – prefer to use water as Pakistanis do.

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