Camping Equipment

If you are going with a local tour operator then you don’t have to be worried about your tent as it is already taken care of but if is self-organized then you will be needed a tent. A good camping shop should be able to advise you that what kind of tent you require but make sure that is double walled and able to resist strong winds. There are different types of tents like double sleep, mess, kitchen etc. Normally domed tents are ideal, as they are light, sturdy, easy to erect and can stand alone without being pegged.

Self-Inflating Mattress:
A Therm-a-Rest mat is worth as it is compact and offers good insulation even when sleeping on snow or ice. Always lay it on a groundsheet to prevent punctures if outside tent. Hard mattresses are also commonly used for trekking. 

Sleeping Bags:
Sleeping bags should be of good quality, light in weight and warm. A four –season sleeping bag rated to 10 degree centigrade, with a hood and drawstring is more practical. A bag with a full length zipper is useful so you can open it out and throw it half over you on warm nights at lower altitudes.

If you are going with an organized tour then you don’t have to carry a big pack with you and if you are a backpacker then you need a pack large enough to carry all equipment and clothing. Always think over moisture absorbing sections to avoid prickly heat when buying a backpack.

Plastic Stuff Bags:
As all rucksacks are not waterproof, so in case of rain you can cover rucksack with a plastic bag. Include a few strong 35-60 kg garbage bags for lining your rucksack and can also be used for multiple purposes.

Space Blanket:
Space blanket is good for providing extra insulation or driving out a deep chill, so it can also be used as first aid treatment.

Water Bottle:
A one-litrealuminium or plastic water bottle per person is usually enough. Be sure that your water bottle is distinguishable from your fuel containers.

Head Torch:
Head torch is much practical to use than a hand-held torch when you need two hands for cooking, arranging your tent, writing diary or for other personal needs outside camp.

Money and Passport Pouch:
A waist-belt type pouch is good where you can also keep your travel documents and money as well.

There are not many options in the mountains to buy batteries but you can buy easily in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi. It is advisable to keep fully charged batteries with you before setting off or even take extras to use when required.

Altimeter and Compass:
It is good to have an altimeter and compass when in mountains, as it gives you exact direction and what altitude you have gained every day which is also a fun for many trekkers.

A whistle is good for attracting the attention of others when they get far ahead.

Medical Kit:
The size of your medical kit will depend on the size of your party and the length of time you want to plan. There are almost all medical stores in all major cities of Pakistan sell the ready-made medical kits containing all basic needs for first-aid help.

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